Things Not To Do With Your Contact Lenses On Manish | Nov. 17, 2021, 2:11 p.m.

Contact lenses, the alternative to prescription glasses, has become quite a popular styling accessory. Even those who simply want to upgrade their style go for the colored & zero-powered contact lenses. However, using contact lenses require the wearer to be very careful and conscious.

In this blog, we shall look into things that should not be done while wearing contact lenses.

Avoid touching eyes with dirty hands: Maintaining hygiene is the first step in handling contact lenses. Touching the contacts with dirty hands can contaminate them and lead to eye infections. Your hands touch a lot of things daily, hence come in contact with germs. And when you touch the contact lenses with the same hand, the germs can get transferred to the lenses and later on damage the eyes.

Don’t get water while wearing contacts: Avoiding water while wearing contacts is another important thing to maintain. Swimming while wearing contact lenses is strictly forbidden because there are all kinds of germs and bacteria in the water that can damage. Plus, waters in swimming pools are treated with chlorine. And wearing contact lenses while in swimming pool can harm the lenses. Wear swimming goggles instead.

Don’t wear contacts if feeling irritation: Your eyes can get irritated anytime and this happens due to the allergens present in the air or due to the dryness. In such instances, it is advised to take off the contacts immediately. Wearing them during the irritation can cause more harm to the eyes.

Don’t sleep while wearing contacts: The reason doctors advise people to take off their contacts before sleeping is wearing contacts while sleeping can dry out the eyes and lead to long term damage to your vision.

Don’t wear lenses without cleaning them: Often, contact lens users make the mistake of wearing the contacts without cleaning them. Regularly cleaning the lenses might a hectic task but it’s the only way to avoid eye infection.

Follow these simple things to ensure that your contact lenses are in the best wearable condition and for high-quality contact lenses, log on to and grab the best for your eyes.

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