Eyeglasses Frame Style

  • Full Rim Glasses

    The full-rim or full-framed eyeglasses have been a popular choice among both men and women. Available in a great range of frame colors and designs, there’s no end to the styling options with these full-framed glasses. Plus, you get to choose from various trending shapes such as Rectangle, Cateye, Round, Wayfarer, and Clubmaster.

    These full-rimmed specs go perfectly with every face shape and is available in plenty of frame colors, patterns & designs for everyone.

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  • Half Rim Glasses

    Offering a sophisticated look to all face shapes, the half-rim eyeglasses are known for a framed look towards the top of the lenses while a rimless design towards the bottom. Due to this uniqueness, the half-framed glasses are a popular choice among individuals who desire the best of both worlds.

    Available in various frame materials such as titanium, nylon, metal, and acetate, the half-frame design draws all the attention towards your face, particularly your eyes.

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  • Rimless Eyeglasses

    An innovative frame style that excludes any frame, here the lenses connected to the temples & the nose-bridge directly, only using screws. Rimless glasses have become a fashionable choice among both men and women. This style is greatly associated with attributes like sophistication, intellectualism, and elegance.

    Extremely lightweight in comparison to the other two frame styles, the rimless style is perfect for lenses carrying low prescription numbers. Available in a wide range of frame colors such as blue, camel, gunmetal, multicolor, maroon etc., you can choose the rimless style in various shapes such as hexagon, pilot, clubmaster, cateye, retro square, and so on.

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