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Transition LensesLenses

Helping People See Life in The Best Light

Discover Transitions® adaptive lenses adjust from clear indoors to dark outdoors so you can see more of life—beautifully.

Magical, innovative and the best, Transitions Lenses lenses are photochromic lenses made with a specialized technology due to which they adapt to a shade to give you a clear and smooth vision. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, the technology in Transitions Lenses lenses is such that within a span of minutes after the sun exposure, these lenses become dark and even darker. And, when you come in an indoor environment, they automatically come to their original clear state in minutes.

Digital Progressive Lenses

Transitions Lenses Signature Lenses

Highly responsive and adaptive lenses

  • Infused with exclusive Chromea7™ photochromic technology. More responsive to indirect sunlight from buildings and cars, bright sunlight and partial sunlight
  • Fully clear indoors and darker when in outdoors
  • Ideal for all prescriptions and frames
  • Fast fade black speed
  • Best for all people including children

Transitions Lenses Xtractive Lenses

Provide extra protection from light

  • Designed to give your eyes protection from harsh rays of bright sun, artificial light and indoor lighting
  • Turn extra dark to shield your eyes from the brightest sun, also when you are driving
  • Best in hottest climates
  • Block 100% UVA and UVB rays
  • Work well with most frames and prescription glasses

Why Transitions Lenses Lenses Are Best For You

  • They are versatile and can be worn all day and in both- indoor and outdoor environments
  • Ideal for all frames, styles, sizes and prescription
  • Suitable for children too
  • Good for your eyes in every way- they block 100% UVA and UVB rays, allow your eyes to stay relaxed, help reduce eye strain and fatigue

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