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When you browse for sunglasses or eyeglasses online, the first thing you notice is the frame. But more than the frames, your lenses hold the key to a perfect pair of eyewear. Whether your priority is style, performance or comfort, lenses which fulfill all your requirements tend to be the best. Now imagine your eyewear with poor quality lenses, full of scratches and causing you eyestrain – uncomfortable already, right? Avoid the sour experience of owning the wrong lenses and know all about how to buy eyeglasses lenses online from our comprehensive guide below -


Lenses By Prescription Type

For eyeglasses, the lenses are broadly categorized into Single Vision, Bifocal/Progressive Lenses & Zero Power according to your prescription type. Let’s discuss the same in detail –

  1. Single Vision Lenses

    As the name suggests, single vision lenses treat just one vision defect - either near or distance vision. This is why, these are prescribed to people with myopia or hyperopia.

  2. Bifocal / Progressive Lenses

    People with presbyopia require bifocal or progressive lenses as their ability to focus on closed-up objects declines with old age. Bifocals come with two distinguished viewing fields separated with a distinct line into near and far vision areas. Progressives lenses, on the other hand, have a third intermediate viewing area with no visible lines.

  3. Plano Lenses / Zero Power Lenses

    Plano lenses are more like a fashion accessory for people who have no vision defect but are more likely to adorn it for style. Many a times, these come with coatings options according to one’s lifestyle such as Computer Glasses which come with an anti-reflective coating or a blue light blocker coating on them for a comfortable viewing experience while working on digital screens.

Types Of Lens Material

Today, you’ll find a variety of lens materials available in the market to suit your lifestyle. Some of them are –

  1. Standard Plastic

    These lenses are light weight, affordable and usually require a protective coating. Due to its impact resistance property, people widely opt for these over glass lenses. These are also known as the CR-39 lenses.

  2. Polycarbonate Lenses

    Polycarbonate lenses are widely used in sports eyewear, kids’ eyeglasses and safety glasses. These are thinner, impact resistant and block UV rays too. Trivex lens material shares the durability levels of polycarbonate.

  3. High Index Plastic

    These are the thinnest lens material with higher index of refraction to bend light more efficiently. People who have high prescription power opt for high index lenses for a smarter and stylish look.

  4. Glass Lenses:

    Glass lenses hold exceptional scratch resistance power. These are also the strongest of the lot however, needs to be handled with care.

Lens Coating Options

It is advisable to go for lens treatments or coatings to ensure a durable and lasting eyewear experience. Some of the popular lens coatings are –

  1. Anti-Scratch Coating

    Scratches can be really distracting especially, when they are right before your eyes. Which is why, lenses are treated with an anti-scratch coating which makes the surface harder and less prone to everyday scratches. It is advisable to always apply an anti-scratch coating to your lenses.

  2. Anti-Glare & Anti-Reflective Coating

    AG/AR lenses eliminate bright reflections of light and decrease the light halos which can hamper the clarity of vision. Branded computer glasses come with anti-reflective or anti-glare lenses to reduce the amount of glare reaching the eyes while using digital devices.

  3. UV Protected Coating

    Lenses with UV protection keep eyes safe from Sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time outside, do make sure your branded eyeglasses or sunglasses come with 100% UV protection.

  4. Photochromatic Coating

    Photochromatic Lenses change color under effect of sunlight. These turn dark when outside and turn clear when indoors. These are also suitable for people with light sensitivity. These also block UV rays.

  5. Polarized Lens Coating

    Polarized lenses reduce the amount of glare coming from shiny, smooth or flat surfaces when light falls on them. These are highly recommended for day-time driving, skiing, fishing and boating.

  6. Blue Light Blocker/Blue Cut Coating

    Eyeglasses with a special blue light blocker coating prevent harmful high-energy blue light, coming from digital devices like smartphones and computers; from entering the eyes. These help to sharpen the vision and can also prevent eye strain from prolonged screen viewing.

  7. Water & Dust Repellent Coating

    Shield your eyewear with water and dust repellent coating to enjoy uninterrupted vision even at times of rain or when it’s windy. This helps to avoid residue smudges and water marks on your eyeglasses.

    Hope you’ve chosen the best lenses for yourself by now. Head to EyeMyEye to bag them now!