Anti-Glare lenses

Know Anti-Glare Glasses better

You may have heard various names that Anti-Glare Glasses go by. Some call them AR Glasses, some refer to them as Glare-Free Glasses, while many call them No-Glare Glasses too. But more than the name, it’s function is what makes these spectacles so popular among people. These glasses come with a special coating around the lenses – both front & back, to ensure you don’t get distracted by unwanted and bothersome glare wherever you go.

To add to its aesthetics, Anti-Glare Glasses do not let reflections form a mirror image over your lenses. This allows people to look directly at your eyes instead of distracting lenses. In short, these even make your glasses visually appealing.

Anti-Glare Glasses

Old v/s New Anti-Glare Glasses

Previously, Anti-Glare/AR Glasses had a constant issue of coating peeling off and abundant scratches which not only looked unappealing but also gave way to more expenses over new frames every few months. However, today, things have advanced at a great pace. Glasses today come with extreme durability and the coatings are also scratch resistant. So, you need not worry about your Anti-Glare Eyeglasses today as the coating is fused with the lens unlike in the past when it was simply applied over.

Anti-Glare Glasses

Features of Anti Glare Glasses

No-Glare Glasses help to :

    Impart Sharp & Crisp Image

    Reduce Glare Effectively

    Makes Lenses Look Almost Invisible

Anti-Glare Glasses

Additional benefits of buying Anti-Glare Eyewear

  • Comes with More Options of Coatings.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Water & Dust Resistant.
  • May Reduce Eye Strain