Anti-Glare lenses

What are Anti-Glare lenses?

Glare can be both uncomfortable as well as unsafe. It can not only affect our vision in the long run but can also suddenly blur & block our sight resulting in serious accidents.

Anti-Glare Lenses (sometimes referred as AR Lenses) help to avoid any reflection or glare from entering our eyes. Your eyewear is coated with a special anti-glare coating on the front and back of the lenses to block reflections, halos and glare coming from any side.

These are useful for people who use screens for shorter periods of time or travel in sunlight every day. Also, if you’re someone who drives for more than 2-4 hours each day, Anti-Glare lenses will help you a lot in fighting off unwanted glare and making your journeys much more comfortable and safe.

Anti-Glare lenses

Why Anti-Glare Coating is a great option for you?

Here are some popular reasons:

Less Glare = Sharper Vision

Less Strain = More Attentiveness

Less Reflections = Safer Drives

Less Scratches = Longer Lens Life

Less Distractions = Complete Focus On Eyes

Anti-Glare lenses

How to increase Shelf life of anti-glare lenses?

  • Do not use any harsh cleaning material to clean your lenses..
  • Make sure to only use lens cleaning solutions preferred for special coatings.
  • Keep your glasses in the case when not in use to ensure longer lens life.