Anti-Reflective Coating

Coating that solves the glare problem – Anti-Glare Coating

AR Coating or Anti Reflective Coating is applied on the front as well as the back of your lenses as a series of special layers. These layers block certain wavelengths of light resulting in reduced reflections & clearer vision. It even helps the lens to become less reflective, which means everyone around can focus on your eyes directly (and not on the super imposed image that bounced off your lenses earlier).

Benefits of Anti-Glare Coating

Anti-reflective coating helps to:

    Ward Off Glare

    Block Reflections

    Resist Scratches

    Impart Aesthetic Appeal

Anti-Reflective Coating

Frequently Asked Questions about anti reflective coating

1. Does AR Coating Block 100% UV Rays?

AR Coating is a protective coating designed to ward off glare. However, you’ll have to add UV Protective Coating on your lenses to block 100% UV light.

2. Can I use AR Coated Glasses instead of Anti-Blue Glasses?

AR Coating helps to reduce eye strain due to glare however, if you’re someone who spends more than 3-4 hours every day on your digital screens, you’ll need to add extra protection of Blue Light Blocker Coating to your lenses.

3. How Long Will This Anti-Reflective Coating Last?

Ideally, this coating should last for a year or two, more or less, depending upon your usage and the way you care for your lenses.