Anti-Reflective Coating Glasses

What Are Anti-Reflective Glasses?

Anti-reflective (AR) Glasses shield eyes against the reflections or glare. These enhance visual acuity by inviting the light to fall on a special coating that reflects the glare instead of letting it enter the eyes. In simpler terms, AR Glasses come with a special lens coating that helps to reduce reflection & glare and impart comfortable viewing.

How Anti-Reflective Glasses Work?

The anti-reflective or AR coating applied on these lenses, is a very thin but hard film which is applied over the lenses. This film or coating is composed of a material, with a refractive index somewhere between glass & air. When bright light falls on this coating, it leads equal amount of light to be reflected from the inner surface of this coating. Hence, resulting in cancellation of the glare/reflection.

Why Do You Need Anti-Reflective Glasses?

To answer this, let’s take an example:

Imagine you’re driving at night and are getting distracted by headlights from the oncoming traffic, in the opposite lane. You’re constantly trying to focus on the road but the bokeh and the headlights are making it hard for you to drive.

This might even lead to sudden blinding and cause severe accidents as your regular lenses can’t help you here. However, Anti-Reflective Glasses help to prevent such situations by allowing the light to pass through the lens and send the same back without hindering your sight.

Are Anti-Reflective Eyeglasses Ideal For Everyday Wear?

Yes, not just while driving, you can wear Anti-Reflective Glasses every day. When the Sun is behind you, its light can still cause glare to enter your eyes, but Anti-Reflective Coating works on the back side of the lens as well, hence you won’t have to worry for your vision.

These are also aesthetically appealing and do not allow any image formation on the lens.

What Are The Benefits Of Anti-Reflective Eyewear?

Here’s what you can enjoy with your Anti-Reflective Eyeglasses:

  • Better Clarity
  • Long Shelf Life of Lenses
  • Protection Against UV Rays
  • Reduced Reflections/Glare
  • Less Strain On The Eyes
  • Stylish & Appealing Look

Care Tips For Your Anti-Reflective Glasses

  • Keep lenses away from heat sources.
  • Keep eyewear in its specific case when not in use.
  • Avoid cleaning with dry or rough cloth to prevent scratches.
  • To clean, use prescribed lens cleaning solutions only.