Are Sunglasses Effective in Protecting Eyes From Dust
Oct. 19, 2021, 5:54 p.m.

Are Sunglasses Effective in Protecting Eyes From Dust

By: Manish

We all wear sunglasses; some wear them just for protection against the UV rays whereas some wear them simply to add a stylish touch to their personality. In this blog, we shall discover the truth behind the question – are sunglasses effective in protecting our eyes against dust.

Let’s begin. Sunglasses shield our eyes against the harmful UV rays of the Sun. The sunglasses that we now wear & see around us, are all made according to the latest designs & specifications. The lenses of the sunglasses are made in such a way that they protect our eyes from the glare as well.

Now, the question is – can sunglasses guard our eyes against dust. Yes, they can. Nowadays, the sunglasses are made to cover the eyes perfectly and prevent the contact with any dust & dirt particle. Sunglasses shapes like Square & Wraparound at EyeMyEye have oversized lenses that cover the eyes as well as the skin around them. But they also guard the eyes from the side to prevent the dirt & dust from entering.

But there is something you should do to prevent your eyes from contacting dust & dirt. Whenever you see your sunglasses cover with dust, don’t directly wear them. Rather, use the lens cleaning wipes to clean the sunglasses inside & out, along with the lenses. Doing so will not only eliminate the dust & dirt but also kill the germs & bacteria that might be present.

Remember to go for those sunglasses that fit your facial contours perfectly. Wearing the wrong size would not offer any protection against dust or dirt, even if your eyes are safe from glare & UV rays.