Celebrate this Dussehra With EyeMyEye Eyewear
Oct. 19, 2021, 6:12 p.m.

Celebrate this Dussehra With EyeMyEye Eyewear

By: Manish

Dusshera is almost here and what’s better than celebrating this festival with your loves ones. This Dussehra, think different and go beyond the usual gifts. With the sparkle of crackers and colorful lights all around us, keeping our eyes safe while enjoying the occasion is really important.

In this blog, we shall look at some eyewear gifts for our loved ones.

Power Sunglasses: Many of us, who have to rely on eyeglasses almost every single minute, face great difficulty when stepping out during bright sunny days. For them, power sunglasses make for an excellent gift. These are just like regular sunglasses, except for the fact that the lenses carry your prescription/power. With these, one can enjoy clear vision during bright sunny days. Plus, the sunglasses would add an excellent appeal to their outlook.

Contact Lenses: A great alternative to eyeglasses. If someone you know is looking a change in their looks or feels shy to wear glasses, then there’s no other gift as worthy as these contact lenses.

Computer Glasses: An excellent gift for those who spend most of their time using digital devices. Our eyes are greatly affected by the blue light emitted from the digital screens. However, be it our habit or requirement, we cannot simply ignore the prominence of digital devices. But these computer glasses can guard the eyes from any harm from the blue light.

Reading Glasses: Meant for those who are 40 & above, experiencing problem with their near vision. Gifting them reading glasses that come pre-fitted with prescription lenses, will be the best gift ever.

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