How Blue Light Blocker Eyeglasses Help Your Eyes
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Nov. 17, 2021, 2:21 p.m.

How Blue Light Blocker Eyeglasses Help Your Eyes

By: Manish

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone, a laptop, or both. Whether we are doing official work, doing online classes, playing games, or watching movies & web series, we spend most of our time using digital devices. This puts a strain on our eyes along with various problems such as redness, watery eyes, and blurry vision. When you consult an eye doctor about these, a pair of blue light blocker eyeglasses could be prescribed.

So, what are these eyeglasses? What’s so special about them? We shall learn about these eyeglasses in this blog.

What are blue light blocker eyeglasses?

Most of us are not aware but while using digital devices, our eyes are exposed to the blue light emitted from the screens. The blue light puts a great strain on our eyes and prolonged exposure can do some serious damage to our eyes. Plus, this prolonged exposure disturbs our sleep cycle as well. This is where these blue light blocker eyeglasses are used. These eyeglasses have specially crafted lenses that block or filter the blue light emitted from the digital devices. Plus, these lenses prevent the glare from reaching the eyes and causing serious damage. Also, wearing these glasses helps in maintaining the sleep cycle, disruption of which can affect the overall well-being of an individual.

Who needs these blue light blocker eyeglasses?

These eyeglasses are available with both power as well as zero powered lenses. Anyone who uses digital devices for more than 3 hours should opt for these glasses. Not just work, smartphones and laptops are also used for watching movies & web series & playing games. Spending several hours in front of these digital devices exposes our eyes to CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome. It is also known as digital eye strain.

Wearing these glasses would help guard the eyes against the digital strain and ensure that you don’t experience any problems such as watery eyes, blurred vision, or redness. By doing so, your eyes stay fresh for a long time so that you can continue to enjoy your movies/web series or completing the official work.

Just remember one thing – don’t go for the cheap or fake blue light blocker eyeglasses you might get at any local optic store. They might offer very little or no protection against the digital strain. Always go for the ones available at to get the ultimate eyewear experience plus enhanced protection for your eyes.