How To Save Your Glasses From Getting Fogged Up With Mask
Nov. 17, 2021, 2:28 p.m.

How To Save Your Glasses From Getting Fogged Up With Mask

By: Manish

Wearing masks has become a necessity for us now. However, for a lot of eyeglasses wearers, this led to an uninvited everyday hassle – fogged up lenses!

Let’s quickly look into some tips to save our glasses from getting fogged up.

  1. Wash the lenses with soap water: before wearing the mask, wash the glasses with soap water as it helps in taking down the excessive moisture. Let the glasses dry or wipe with a clean fiber cloth. Implementing this method prevents the lenses from fogging because the soap water leaves a thin layer over the lenses that stops the formation of water molecules.

  2. Seal the mask: It might sound funny or odd but yes, it is a way to prevent the lenses from fogging. All you need is a piece of double-sided tape. Place the piece over your nose and wear the mask. This would not only ensure that the mask is well-fitted but also prevent the hot breath from rising upward towards the lenses.

  3. Try breathing downwards: Might sound a bit awkward. However, this is a quick fix to stop lenses from fogging. All you need is to hold your upper lip over the lower lip as if you are playing a flute & breath the air downward.

  4. Go for anti-fog lens coatings: If you are not willing to go through all the ordeal, get yourself a pair of anti-fog lenses. These lenses have a special coating or film that prevents the collection of water molecules, thus stopping the fogging of lenses. Check out EyeMyEye & grab your anti-fog lenses today.

Stay protected & safe and don’t forget to follow all the COVID-19 related safety guidelines.