Signs-Symptoms of Common Eye Problems
Nov. 24, 2021, 3:57 p.m.

Signs-Symptoms of Common Eye Problems

By: Manish

Work-from-home scenarios have over-exposed our eyes to the digital space. Let’s find out about the signs & symptoms of some of the common eye problems that the e-generation is facing at large:

  • Eyestrain: This is one of the most common eye problems. Anyone who is spending long hours using digital devices like computers or laptops is prone to experience strained eyes. Strained eyes would feel heavy accompanied by a slight tingling/burning sensation. Just a bit of rest with closed eyes can relieve your eyes from the weariness & burning sensation. In case, the duration of the weariness is increasing, get in touch with an eye doctor immediately.

  • Red Eyes: This particular condition or eye problem is associated with various reasons including injuries as well. Red eyes are caused due to the swelling & inflammation of the small blood vessels in the eyes. This causes the white portion of the eyes to appear pink or red. Redness also appears when you rub your eyes due to any irritation. However, red eyes should never be neglected as it is a sign of some bigger infection or underlying problem.

  • Dry Eyes: This condition occurs when our eyes are unable to produce sufficient tears for lubricating our eyes. When suffering from this condition, you might experience a burning/scratchy feeling and a feeling of something present in your eyes. Also, your eyes would become very sensitive towards the light.

  • Night Blindness: Is it difficult for you to see at night? If yes, then probably you are experiencing a condition called night blindness. There can be several causes for night blindness such as vitamin A deficiency and cataracts. All these causes can be easily rectified by eye doctors, either via medication or surgery.

  • Light Sensitivity: Also known as photophobia, this condition causes your eyes to experience extreme discomfort in brightly lit environments. This condition can itself be a cause for various other eye conditions such as allergies, migraines, cataracts, strabismus, etc.

  • Floaters: One of the most commonly experienced conditions wherein a person sees specks, dots, lines, or webs floating in the field of vision, hence the name floaters. These normally fade away over time but in case of severe floaters, you might need to consult an eye expert.

Don’t neglect even the slightest disorientation in your eyesight. Opt for periodic eye examinations or Home Eye Tests and remember to wear high-quality eyewear from EyeMyEye.