UV or Polarized? Save Your Eyes With the Right Shades
Jan. 6, 2023, 4:53 p.m.

UV or Polarized? Save Your Eyes With the Right Shades


During summer, sunglasses are essential to keep the eye healthy. Without proper protection, long-term exposure to the sun can increase the risk of eye disease, which includes cataracts, growths on the eye, and eye cancer. So, whenever you're in the sun, it's crucial to protect yourself from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Mostly all sunglasses are formulated to guard against UV rays and minimize glare, but polarized lenses have been created with a special procedure to filter out this type of intense glare. This formulation works almost like a blind or curtain, letting only some light pass through.

What are UV Protection Sunglasses and their Advantages?

It is essential to have sunglasses with UV protection to prevent eye damage. UV protection is a coating added to sunglasses in order to filter or block harmful Ultra Violet Radiation, emitted by the sun, from reaching into contact with your eyes and skin. These dangerous rays from the sun often hit you straight, but they can also reflect off of sand, water, snow, and buildings. The UV coating can come normal with the product, as is true of most sunglasses, or as an option with eyeglass lenses. Exposure to UV rays can cause eye issues like cornea and retina damage, macular degeneration, and cataracts.

The advantages of UV-protected sunglasses:

  • They can help block harmful UV rays

  • May reduce the risk of carcinoma

  • May prevent eye conditions like macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma

  • May reduce headaches and migraines

What are Polarized Sunglasses and their Advantages?

Polarization is a technology that utilizes extra chemical coating around the lenses to absorb sun rays and lessen glare, unlike the regular sunglasses. Typically, glare is horizontal light rays that can ruin your eyes. Polarized lenses block such light and allow only vertical light to come, assuring clear vision. This also assists to remove glare from shining directly into the eyes and reduces stress. Polarized sunglasses work as a fashionable accessory, but are specifically designed for your eye health. These sunglasses can provide 100 percent UV protection. Also, help eliminate glare that reflects off surfaces like roads and water, which may cause discomfort to the eyes such as blurry vision and watery eyes. These glasses are vital especially for people who lead an active lifestyle and like cycling, water-based activities, and snow sports. It is better to stick with your UV-blocking shades in such instances and ensure your glasses are safety-approved.

The advantages of polarized sunglasses:

  • Can calm and protect the eyes from harsh UV rays

  • Lenses can be customized as per your prescription to lessen strain

  • May provide comfortable vision

  • Can add a style statement

What is the Difference Between UV and Polarized Sunglasses?

Relying on what you need your sunglasses for, the effect of polarized lenses vs UV lenses can be considered. However, it’s essential to use any one of them even when it feels like the sun escapes you in winter. It still emits harmful UV rays and glare that can harm your irreplaceable eyeballs. UV-rated lenses protect your eyes from harmful rays on sunny days. Whereas, polarized sunglasses can lower glare that causes discomfort. Polarized sunglasses shield eyes from exposure to bright light and also improve visibility, contrast, clarity, and depth perception. Having ultraviolet protection is vital in order to ensure healthy peepers, on the other hand, polarization is more of a preference, ensuring you don't want blinding glare to penetrate the eyes. While buying sunglasses, ensure the product description certifies them to be 400 UVA or UVB protection lenses.

Which one you should go for?

UV and polarized lenses are two completely different things. While UV protection sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful sun rays, polarized lenses lower the glare that causes you to blink in the sunlight. For maximum eye protection, opt for sunglasses that deliver 100 percent UV protection along with polarized lenses. Polarization is a personal choice, but for everyday usage, it is better to use UV protection sunglasses. Explore a broad range of UV protection and polarized sunglasses at EyeMyEye and shop for what fits you the best.