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Senior Backend Developer/Technical Architect

Job description

●Experience working in product-focused companies with large-scale internet applications.

●Thorough knowledge of technologies like Python, AWS, Linux, Nginx, Redis, Messaging Queues, etc.

● Experience Designing scalable systems that can serve millions of requests per second.

● Experience working with Relational and non-Relational databases and understanding their data models and performance trade-offs.

● Strong database design and query writing skills with a commitment to performance and efficiency

● Worked with real-time web applications and event-driven architectures.

● Understanding of caching techniques and systems like Memcached / Redis

● Comfortable with search engines like Solr or Elasticsearch

● Well demonstrated Data structure & Problem-solving skills.

● Hands-on with different architectural patterns like Microservices, Monolithic, and service-oriented architecture, and knows where to apply.

● Experience/knowledge of open source tools/frameworks with the latest server-side development tech.