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Bringing wide range of state-of-the-art optical lens solutions, Emclar, is a craft of superior German optics technology. Engineered to deliver high level quality, Emclar Lenses allow unparalleled precision and clarity to your vision. With an array of lens options in single vision, bifocal, and progressive category, Emclar lenses are best opted for uncompromised everyday-comfort they impart to the eyes. These are also available in the form of photochromic lenses for the smart travelers and as high-definition digital screen protection lenses for the e-generation. With wider field of vision, you can be assured of experiencing the best of the vision-comfort with Emclar.


  •  emclar lens eyemyeye

    Superior German Optics Technology

  •  emclar lens eyemyeye

    Wider Field of Vision

  •  emclar lens eyemyeye

    Premium Materials

  •  emclar lens eyemyeye

    On-Point Precision

  •  emclar lens eyemyeye

    Enhanced Visual Comfort

  •  emclar lens eyemyeye

    Various Lens Options


Single Vision Lenses
 emclar lens eyemyeye

Emclar Single Vision lenses are ideal for people facing difficulties with either near or far vision. These deliver lasting durability & lend attractive aesthetic appeal to your eyewear.

  • Offers Excellent Lens Quality
  • Great Optical Performance
  • Comes with Protective Coating Options
  • Emclar Lenses starting at Rs. 1900
Bifocal Lenses
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Emclar Bifocal Lenses are designed to cater to the needs of people who find it hard to focus on nearby objects due to age-related Presbyopia.

  • Lens Material
  • Light & Impact Resistant
  • Delivers Comfort of Sight
  • Emclar Lenses starting at Rs. None
Progressive Lenses
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Emclar Progressive Lenses offer utmost vision clarity at all 3 distances - far, near & intermediate. Specially designed to suit the needs of active seniors.

  • Designed for Dynamic Viewing Needs
  • Maximizes Visual Performance
  • Withstands Everyday Wear & Tear
  • Emclar Lenses starting at Rs. None
Digital Protection Lenses
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Emclar Digital Protection Lenses are designed to shield your eyes against the harmful blue light emitted from Digital Devices.

  • Offers Protection from Excessive Blue Light
  • Great for Everyday Comfort of Vision
  • Available with Option of Thin Lenses
  • Emclar Lenses starting at Rs. 200


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