Eyeglasses Frame Shape

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    Aviator Eyeglasses

    Earning popularity since the time of World War 2, the aviator shape was originally designed for its sunny counterpart. Due to the gradually increasing popularity, the same shape became available for eyeglasses as well. An instant hit among the specs wearers, both celebs & common people alike, these frames make a striking appeal for people with square & round faces.

    An easy-to-pair frame shape, the aviators glasses are perfect for people who have a diversified choice of outfits. Plus, the metallic profile of these frames adds a charismatic touch right from the moment they are worn.

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    Retro Square Eyeglasses

    Retro Square eyeglasses can easily compliment your face shape while bestowing a satisfactory appeal. Designed for both men and women, you can choose from rimless, full-frame, and half-frame styles. The collection features trendy frame colors such as beige, black, brown, grey, peach, transparent, tortoise, and many more to choose from.

    Whether you wish to flaunt a simple yet elegant appeal or want to rock an uber-stylish look, you can choose from different kinds of retro square specs to suit your styling needs. These are truly impeccable & worthy of being included in every wardrobe.

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    Round Eyeglasses

    The round specs depict the true meaning of timelessness. This particular shape dates back several centuries, right when the first eyeglasses were invented. Carrying the same essence & time-enduring spirit, these spectacles offer quite an exquisite appeal to the face shape of both men and women. Choose the acetate frames or the metallic ones and add an elegant appeal to your personality.

    Offering a stylish makeover in an instant, these round glasses are available in a wide range of frame color options that let you customize your style perfectly.

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    Clubmaster Frames

    Dashing and style enhancers, Clubmaster eyeglasses are best for people with heart and triangle shaped faces. Although, this shape has masculine looks, but the style is now embraced by women too. If you want to draw attention to your forehead or eyes, Clubmaster frames are just perfect, as they have a bold upper part and slimmer bottom, resembling a semi-rimless design in which the lower part of the lenses is secured by a sleek metal rim.

    These stylish eyeglasses frames come in endless colors and designs, but the most popular amongst the lot is tortoise shell pattern Clubmaster frames.

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    Oval Eyeglasses

    Featuring a wider frame shape, the oval eyeglasses are often considered the perfect choice for people who love to sport a versatile look. Depicting the perfect balance of grace and charm, the oval specs are available in rimless, full & half-frame style.

    Choose from the metallic or acetate material for a lasting appeal. Available in a wide range of frame colors & prints such as tortoise, floral, multicolor, and more. Bestow your face with a sleek and uniform look that stays in perfect sync with the changing trends. Grab these oval frames if you are looking for a sophisticated look.

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    Rectangle Frames

    Offering the widest range of designs, colors, and patterns, rectangle eyeglasses deliver an unforgettable style that is hard to miss by your onlookers. These frames make a perfect fit for people with round and oval face shapes.

    These frames let you flaunt whatever type of style you prefer, be it a professional, intellectual, or a casual one. Blending with every outfit is what these frames are best at, along with upgrading your style.

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    Cateye Eyeglasses

    Designed specifically for complementing the facial contours of women, cateye eyeglasses are an excellent choice for flaunting a chic & charismatic style that sets you distinct from your contemporaries. You can grab these stylish frames for both prescription as well as zero-powered lenses. These are available in a varied range of colors, designs, & prints, all complementing the latest trends. Also, the range of colors, designs, & prints available for these frames is huge.

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