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How To Choose The Right Frame Shape?

When buying Eyeglasses/Sunglasses, we mentally prep a checklist for its style, color and the overall look. We’d wish for it to be enough but, sadly, it’s not. The reason why some frames really suit you well and others do not, is because of its shape and if it compliments your face shape or not.

We’ve all been blessed with a face shape, that determines what frame would take our style up that notch. Today, this guide will help you become the master of the trick. But before we start, you’ll need a few things in order to know your face shape.

How To Know Your Face Shape?

Things You'll Need - Mirror & Dry-Erase Marker

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    Stand in front of a mirror. Make sure you do not move your face. Tie or pull your hair back for the right tracing.
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    Slowly trace the outline of your reflection with the dry-erase marker. Once done, you can take a transparent paper & re-trace on it.
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    Look closely and compare your tracing to the face-shapes below. You can also take help of a friend here.

Find Your Face Shape

Round Shape

What to look for? Fuller cheeks and rounded chin area

Round faces are subtle & have great edge for striking balance with angular/geometric frames. Which means a rectangle or a cateye shaped frame is the best suitor for you. Also, it’s a classic. So, they’ll be high on compliments and even higher on followership from the get-go.

Celeb Style: Rani Mukerji

Square Shape

What to look for? Strong jawline & cheek bones

If you have a square face, frames like rectangle or square won’t go too well with your contours. Rather try & buy round, oval or pilot eyeglasses to complement your face. These shapes will also make the face look a little less boxy.

Celeb Style: Henry Cavill

Suggested Frames
Diamond Shape

What to look for? Narrow chin & forehead, wider cheekbones

Neither too plain, nor too overboard - Clubmasters are your soul-frames. You can also experiment with round & oval frames to keep the face well-balanced. Longer temples will add on that flattering touch any day.

Celeb Style: Malaika Arora

Heart Shape

What to look for? Prominent forehead and narrow jaw-line

Heart shaped faces exude a striking outlook when they don bottom-heavy frames. So, try on round, cateye or Wayfarer frames for best appeal. Frames which are wider balance your face proportions like a pro. You can also rely on full-frame eyewear on your next purchase.

Celeb Style: Zooey Deschanel

Oval Shape

What to look for? Longer than wide face

The most versatile among all, Oval faces can pull off almost every frame with much ease. Avoid smaller frames as they will not appeal much to the elongated face structure. You can carry amazing oversized frames, butterfly shapes, even wraparounds & look even more ravishing every day.

Celeb Style: Jessica Alba

Suggested Frames

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