What do I need in order to use the Prescription Scanner?

  • Smartphone icon
    Smartphone (A smartphone with the Prescription Eyemyeye app installed.)
  • laptop icon
    Laptop/Computer with a 12” screen or larger
  • Magnetic icon
    Magnetic A standard size magnetic card for measurement.
  • glasses  icon
    Glasses Your current pair of prescription eyeglasses.

How does It work? It’s so easy!

1. Download App From Store
Download EyeMyEye App from Play Store or App Store and go on Detail Page
Download the App
Scan QR Code
2. Scan QR Code
Sync the mobile app with your computer and use your phone's camera to scan your current glasses.
3. Scan your Frame
We enter your prescription details into the standard format and save it all to your Liingo account, so you can easily order glasses online, anytime.
Scan your Frame
View your Rx details
4. View your Rx details
Now, you can order glasses online without a worry. Time to find yourself some new glasses
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