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Festive Sale 100% Paytm/Phonepe Cash Back

Key Details

1.Cashback will be given in the form of ‘Paytm Gift Voucher/Phonepe Gift Voucher or Amazon Gift Voucher.

2. Applicable on all Orders.

3. No Minimum order value.

4. Valid on all Orders and Brands.

5. Offer is valid from 10th Nov 2023 (13.15) to 5th Dec 2023 (11.36).

Claiming Your Cashback

1. This is a claim-based offer.

2. Customer can claim Cash Back in two parts.

3. The cashback claim button for both cash back (part 1 & part 2) will be active in your ‘My Orders’ section. Once cashback is claimed, you cannot return or exchange your order.

4. For all orders, the claim button for the 1st part of the Cashback will be instantly activated on order placement.

5. For all orders, the claim button for the 2nd part of the cashback will be active once the product is delivered and will expire on the 10th day after product delivery.

6. Cashback voucher will be sent 10 days after product delivery for customers who have successfully claimed.

7. To be eligible, answer a qualifying question correctly within the provided time. Incorrect answers or delays will result in no cashback.

8. Ensure a valid email ID during order placement. The voucher/gift card will be sent only to this Email ID after 10 days of the product delivery. If valid Email ID is not used while placing the order, the cash back voucher will not be provided.

9. Mobile number needs to be verified on Paytm/Phonepe to be eligible for cashback.

10. The customer must have active Paytm account /Phonepe account with complete KYC done. If customer doesn’t have an active Paytm/Phonepe account and/or complete KYC is not done, customer will not receive the Gift voucher.

Additional Terms

1. Offer is valid from 10th Nov 2023 (13.15) to 5th Dec 2023 (11.36).

2. Customer needs to have paid for the order in full to be eligible for getting cashback voucher/gift card.

3. The Cashback voucher will be issued only for orders that are not cancelled, not returned, and not refunded by the customer.

4. Cashback is only for orders placed through EyeMyEye Mobile site, website, Android App and IOS App

5. Cashback claim button will be made live only when customer fulfils all the terms and conditions

6. Eyemyeye reserves the right to modify or end the offer without notice.

For disputes, Eyemyeye's decision is final.

7. Unethical purchases or taking advantage of technical glitches will result in order cancellations without refunds.

8. Once user claims the cashback (Part1 or Part 2 or both) He/she would have automatically accepted all mentioned terms & conditions.

9. For cashback queries, contact Eyemyeye at 08069051111 or email

10. See our full refund & cancellation policy here.

Detailed legal T&Cs of the offer.

Eligibility: This exclusive offer is available only to eligible customers who fulfil the specified criteria mentioned in the offer details. It is essential to meet the eligibility requirements, as failure to do so may lead to the offer being rendered invalid.

Offer Duration: The offer period is explicitly mentioned in the offer details, ensuring that customers have a clear understanding of the timeframe during which they can take advantage of the promotion. It is essential for customers to avail the offer within this specified timeframe to enjoy the benefits it provides. Any attempts to claim the offer after the stated expiry date will regrettably not be considered or accepted. We kindly advise all customers to make the most of the offer within the specified duration to avoid disappointment.

Non-transferable: This offer is exclusively for the intended recipient and is non-transferable. It is applicable only to the recipient and cannot be transferred, sold, or assigned to any other individual or entity.

Verification of Information: The company retains the right to verify the customer's eligibility and ensure compliance with the offer conditions before granting the associated benefits. Customers may be requested to furnish supporting documents or relevant information to facilitate the verification process.

Change or Termination: The company holds the authority to alter, extend, or conclude the offer at its discretion without any prior notice. In the event of termination, customers will not be eligible for any form of compensation or benefits.

Liability: The company shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage, or inconvenience arising from the customer's inability to meet the offer conditions or any technical issues beyond the company's control.

Legal Jurisdiction: The parties hereto agree that any matter or issues arising hereunder, or any dispute hereunder shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of situated in Haryana.