Progressive lenses

All About Progressive Lenses

If you’re nearing 40< (age), and are having trouble reading at close distances, it might be time for you to wear Progressive Lenses. While bifocal lenses work well for presbyopia, progressive lenses are a level-up. Instead of two, these lenses have 3 prescriptions.

The top part of the lens helps to see clearly at a distance

The middle section is added for clarity at intermediate distance

The lower lens portion helps one with focusing on near objects

You might also hear a term ‘no-line bifocals’ used synonymously for Progressive Lenses due to its no visible demarcation between all three powers. However, this term is quite outdated and also slightly incorrect as Progressives focus on 3 focal lengths and not two.

Digital Progressive Lenses

Who Can Wear Progressive Lenses?

Progressives or multifocal lenses are meant for people suffering with age-related presbyopia, to see clearly at all 3 distances - near, intermediate & far. These are designed especially for the ones who are also active with technology and spend their time on computers & laptops.

Digital Progressive Lenses

Benefits Of Progressive Lenses

    Single Pair For Everything:

    No need to carry several pairs of eyewear separately for reading / viewing screens or looking at things far away.

    Transition Without Jumps:

    The almost non-visible lines of Progressive lenses help the wearer to look at all distances without any image jumps. Plus, are great for

    Stylish, Just Like Any Other Eyewear:

    With many trendy frames designs, Progressives are now much more in sync with style. These are also compatible with comparatively smaller frames these days, than in the past.

Digital Progressive Lenses

Things To Take Care With Progressive Eyewear

It might take longer for a person, especially a bifocal-lens-wearer, to adjust to progressives due to no differentiating lines & multi power-zones. Don’t worry if that happens. Take it slow and you’ll get used to them.

If you’re looking through the wrong part of the lens, you might feel a bit dizzy, however, with time, you’ll adjust with your glasses.

Do not drive if you’re getting used to your new progressives until you are completely attuned with your eyewear.

Do not switch between your old eyewear & new one. Try & wear progressives as much as possible for quicker adaptability.

Seek advice from your optometrist or eye doctor in case it’s been over 2 months and you’re still not used to your multifocal glasses.