Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses are majorly intended for people with the condition of Presbyopia in which it is hard to focus one’s vision on a nearby object. Usually people above the age of 40 require Readers or Reading Glasses.

Reasons To Choose Reading Glasses from EyeMyEye

    Prefixed Powers

    Readers are usually prefixed with powers. This means, you won’t have to add your power lenses separately. These are available in +0.5 to +3 prescriptions.


    Reading Glasses at EyeMyEye are crafted from acetate & metal materials that makes them a highly durable option for seniors.

    Comes In Fashionable Shapes

    EyeMyEye Reading Glasses are available in many stylish frame styles like Retrosquare, Round, Rectangle etc. so that you never have to compromise on style.

Reading glasses
Reading glasses

How Can Reading Glasses Help You?

Reading Everyday

Whether you wish to go through newspapers, menus, bills, maps or books, Reading Glasses come in handy to help one read fine prints.

Using Smartphones

Smartphone fonts are usually smaller but readers come in handy in sending crucial emails, reading e-books, reading movie subtitles, scrolling social media platforms & lots more.

Sharp Eye For Sewing

Tasks like sewing require both sharp vision and focus. Get those last minute touch ups to your attire with reading glasses at EyeMyEye.

Checking Labels & Price Tags

Labels & price tag fonts are quite small & can punch a hole in your pocket if you miss those tiny details. Having your reading glasses handy can help you save the day and even save plenty on your purchase.

Tips For Great Reading Experience:

  • Give your readers time to adjust. Put them on regularly for at least 14 days.
  • Have multiple reading glasses to avoid missing out your frames when in need.
  • Keep the reading glasses away from direct heat or on the car dashboard.
  • Clean your glasses regularly & place them in its case when not in use.
Reading glasses

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