Sunglasses Frame Style

  • Tinted Sunglasses
    Tinted Sunglasses

    No matter the temperature outside, one mustn’t stroll without sunglasses. When it comes to going out in style, tinted sunglasses are the perfect way to do so. Available in a wide range of lens color options, these tinted sunglasses come in a variety of frame shapes such as pilot, cateye, clubmaster, retro square, and so on.

    Available in both metal & plastic frame materials, these tinted sunglasses are perfect for all occasions, be a day off at the beach or a hiking excursion.

  • Gradient Sunglasses
    Gradient Sunglasses

    The uniqueness of these sunglasses lies in the lenses or rather the gradually fading color from top to bottom. Both fashionable and admirable, these sunglasses shield your eyes from the UV rays with their upper dark tint and allows you to see the dashboard clearly with its light bottom tint. Due to this, these gradient sunnies are a perfect choice for driving.

    Whether you are enjoying an indoor pool party at your place or chilling out at some beach, choose these gradient sunglasses and enjoy a cool & vibrant style available in numerous frame shapes such as clubmaster, retro square, pilot, and cateye.

  • Polarized Sunglasses
    Polarized Sunglasses

    Polarized sunglasses are the best way to deal with both glare and UV rays, especially if you are into outdoor activities that involve water, snow, and other such reflective surfaces. The lenses of these sunglasses are coated with a special film that prevents the glare from reaching your eyes.

    With a reduced glare effect, you can see everything much clearly without having to suffer from vision issues. These sunglasses are available in various combinations of lens colors and frame designs so that you can easily suit your style statement without any compromise.

  • Mirror Sunglasses
    Mirror Sunglasses

    Mirror sunglasses have earned a great repute due to a special optical coating, which makes the lenses look like small mirrors. Along with preventing the sun rays and glare from reaching the eyes, these mirror sunglasses are ideal for people who spend a lot of time involved in outdoor activities such as sportsmen or someone involved in courier servicing.

    These sunglasses are available in various frame shapes such as wraparound, clubmaster, retro square, round, and many more. You can wear them regularly or keep them for special occasions.

    You can also checkout our Flash Sunglasses Collection here.

  • UV Protected Sunglasses
    UV Protected Sunglasses

    Every single pair of sunglasses is meant to serve one single purpose – protect our eyes against the harmful UV rays of the sun. And because of that, the UV protection enabled sunglasses to ward off those UV rays that can cause various temporary as well as permanent damage to the eyes. These sunglasses come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs so that you can choose according to your face shape & style/fashion requirement.

    Right from clubmaster to round frame shapes, these sunglasses augment your personality flawlessly while sitting perfectly on every face shape.