Benefits of Using Computer Glasses to Protect Your Eyes
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Dec. 26, 2022, 1:08 p.m.

Benefits of Using Computer Glasses to Protect Your Eyes


Exposure to blue light from computer screens can cause your eyes to feel irritated or dry, and direct eye strain. Blue light is also known as high-energy visible (HEV) light. This light from the sun indicates morning, and the absence of blue light indicates night. Natural blue light is closely connected to alertness and awareness. This natural light boosts brain activity, makes one feel more awake, and improves mood. Today, computer eye protection glasses are widely used because of the heavy usage of devices and to protect the eyes from blue light. Our eyes are under continuous stress and pressure while we are exposed to the computer for a long time. Thus, wearing computer glasses may help us to lessen eye strain, headaches, migraines, and so on. Also, wearing computer protection glasses can help the eyes, as they contain a certain coating against the screen's radiation.

How Blue Light is Straining Your Eyes?

People spend long hours in front of the computer, and due to that, they have a high risk of developing eye strain or suffering from blue light eye damage. Office workers have trouble concentrating their eyes on the screen, have blurred vision, or find it challenging to concentrate and complete tasks. If you look at a computer all day, your eyes then struggle to remain focused. Also, the light causes your pupils to dilate for far too many hours. You may also see redness in the eye, have some eye-watering, or even feel dizzy. Chronic exposure to blue light can direct to eye strain, itchy or irritated eyes, severe headaches, and migraines. Blurry or double vision is a typical sign of blue light eye damage, and if you have sore eyes or headaches, it’s time to look at your screen usage.

How can you prevent it by using computer glasses?

Computer glasses are made to offer protection to your eyes and control computer vision syndrome. These frames are created to keep the eyeglasses lightweight in order to make you wear them for long hours without getting tired. Also, they eliminate unwanted glare, and reflections and lessen eye strain. Also, it may help improve your focus to make you more productive. Moreover, follow the 20-20-20 rule i.e. you should optimally take a break every 20 minutes, to see an object 20 feet away and for 20 seconds. This rule can help your eyes from the strain.

How to Choose the Right Computer Glasses?

  • Lenses type

Some people may require glasses for a computer with diopters or magnification, and others regular ones. You must pay attention to the quality of your glasses. Note that the best blue light glasses must block 50% or more of blue light.

  • Frame material

Select glasses with frames that are strong, durable, and impact-resistant material. Choose a material in which you feel confident and comfortable while wearing computer protection glasses.

  • Weight of glasses

Ensure the glasses you wear must be comfortable and do not irritate your nose or ears. Many people prefer plastic lenses, which weigh less and are comfortable to wear. Also, there are lenses made of glass material that are easy for cleaning. So, it depends from person to person based on their preferences. 


It is essential for people to wear protective screen glasses who spend hours in front of their devices. Make a habit of wearing computer eye protection glasses that block blue light whether you are working from home, or love to read online. Your eyes are the most crucial organs in your body, and we must protect them as much as possible. The correct solution is to discover great computer glasses from EyeMyEye that will fit your daily routine.