Do You Too Face These Problems With Glasses, Here Are Some Quick Fixes
Oct. 19, 2021, 5:51 p.m.

Do You Too Face These Problems With Glasses, Here Are Some Quick Fixes

By: Manish

Eyeglasses – a very useful tool for people who have vision problem. Eyeglasses offer correction for near & far vision problems. And some also wear zero-powered eyeglasses just to add a new look to themselves. However, wearing & handling eyeglasses can be troublesome themselves. In this blog, we shall learn about some problems commonly faced by those wearing eyeglasses. Also, we shall look into some of their related solutions.

1. Picking the right one

This is probably the most common problem that every person, who is buying glasses for the first time, faces. Being a first-time buyer of eyeglasses make you face a lot of options like frame shape & style, color, design, & material. And, of course, there are the lenses & the type of protection it offers. So, what you need to do is check which frame shape fits your face perfectly. And for the other features, you can go with your preference.

2. Cleaning the glasses

Another common problem – ensuring that the glasses are clean. For us, the easiest way to clean the glasses is by picking some random piece of cloth. And using our breath or saliva to clean the lenses. Both are completely wrong way along with being unhygienic. Use the pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes to instantly clean the glasses from dirt, dust, & germs.


3. Constant slipping of the glasses

This problem occurs when either the frame is of the wrong size, or the temple arms have become loose. To avoid the first case, you need to make sure that the frame is sitting perfectly on your face. And in the second case, you just need to tighten the screws that hold the temple arms together with the frame.

4. Lenses getting fogged up

This is quite a hectic problem that hampers your vision a lot. While enjoying a cup of hot coffee or tea, the lenses of your glasses suddenly become fogged up. Plus, the present COVID-19 pandemic where people wear masks, eyeglasses users have to face the problem of their lenses getting fogged. To avoid this fogging, go for the anti-fog lenses that have special coatings that prevent the lenses from fogging up.

Just follow these tips and you would surely go past all the problems faced while using eyeglasses.