In Love With Full Frames. Here's What's New in E-Town
Nov. 24, 2021, 3:48 p.m.

In Love With Full Frames. Here's What's New in E-Town

By: Manish

Full frame, Half frame, & Rimless – these are three most popular styles of eyeglasses widely available everywhere. In this blog, we shall talk about the full framed glasses and look at some stylish full-framed glasses that are rocking up the e-world:

Pilot Eyeglasses (E25C0248): Who doesn’t love pilot sunnies? How about enjoying the same style in your eyeglasses? With the never-ending charisma of the duo of full frame style & pilot shape, these eyeglasses would make the center of attention at every occasion. Plus, the metallic frame offers a more sophisticated outlook to your personality & can be easily paired with almost every outfit.

Hexagon Eyeglasses (E12C0014): How about giving your style a different angle? Get ready for the hexagon full-frame eyeglasses. Crafted with the sole purpose of enhancing the style-statement of the wearer, these hexagon eyeglasses offer the perfect combination of classiness & charisma. These glasses are a perfect choice for those who wish to flaunt their vibrant personality every time everywhere.

Square Eyeglasses (E33A0585): Add some retro-ish style to your personality with the Square eyeglasses. You can grab this shape in both metallic and acetate frames. Wearing these glasses deliver a sophisticated appeal that allows you to pair them with both western as well as traditional attires.

Clubmaster Eyeglasses (E12C0446): Add that much desired charm & flair in your appeal with the Clubmaster eyeglasses. These complement your facial contours in the most pleasant manner and gets paired with almost every outfit in your wardrobe. Plus, you can experience a sudden upsurge in your personality when people around you start complementing you.

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