Know This Before You Buy Cateye Glasses
Nov. 24, 2021, 3:16 p.m.

Know This Before You Buy Cateye Glasses

By: Manish

Women just love to dress up with the most fashionable outfit and accessories. For them, their style-statement & fashion-quotient are important, and why shouldn’t it be so. Among the different shapes of eyewear, the Cateye has always been the most favored one & has always been associated with the feminine aspect.

In this blog, we shall learn about the Cateye glasses and also few things that we should know before buying them.

Cateye Glasses – The Best Companion For Women

This shape is characterized by an upsweep at the outer edges where the temple arms join with the frames. This shape is usually paired with the beehive hairstyle for flaunting a more sophisticated & fashionable look. These glasses can be easily paired with casual & western attires.

Here are some things you should know before buying these glasses

Face shape: Your face would be of the five basic shapes: round, square, diamond, oval, and heart. Cateye glasses look great on round & heart face shapes. So, if your face shape is either heart or round, go for the Cateye glasses. Otherwise, don’t.

Frame fittings: Even if you face shape is heart or round, it is important for the frames to fit properly or else they might keep sliding down. To know if a frame is of the correct fit or not, you need to the overall frame measurement that suits you. You can take help of old glasses at home to get an idea. The numbers are written at the inner side of one of the temple arms.

Colors/Patterns: This is probably a crucial aspect that we should never overall unless you are not bothered about them. However, if you are planning to match your glasses with your attires for a particular occasion or just to go with any outfit, it is important to consider which colors/patterns would go with the dress of your choice.

Keeping these three things in mind would definitely help you grab the best Cateye glasses for yourself. Remember that these glasses would act as an extension of your feminine beauty. So, take time and choose only from to enjoy a comfortable eyewear experience.